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NGC 891

NGC 891 is one of my favourite galaxies ( so far ) , so I am dedicating a page to it, as I will be putting lots of entries into this.

NGC891 / Galaxy, type SA(s)b? sp III
R.A.02h 22m 36.0s (2000.0)
Dec.+42° 21' 00" (2000.0)
Apparent Size13.5 x 2.8'
Radial VelocityN/A
Distance30-40 million light years
Group of GalaxiesN/A
Other IDsUGC1831, MCG7-5-46,
CGCG538-52, PGC09031


Scope 8" mn-86 Matsukov Newtonian
Mount EQ6 under EDMOD/Ascom control
ExposureLrgb L=97 x 300 sec IR , rgb=each 18 x 300 sec binned 2x2
Post-processinggrad removed,DDP, High pass filter, aligned & stacked in AA4
FiltersIR, rgb
CameraStarlight Express SXV-H9 with guidehead
Location Claines
Date4 nights between 8th-17th Sept 2007


Scope 5" mn-56 Matsukov Newtonian
Mount Vixen GP-DX unguided
ExposureLRGB 206:23:23:23 ( L image as above )
Post-processingDark framed, aligned, DDP & unsharp masking in AA, LRGB stacked in PSP 7
FiltersTrutek IR , R,G,B
CameraStarlight Express hx516
Location Claines
Date13th Nov 2004

1st genuine deep sky colour attempt. Re-processed again on the 11th march 2005 using Rob Pollards technique detailed here .