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CCD Photography

300mm,f4 0.1 second exposure,worcester 13/01/01. An early image.Two images merged of jupiter, clearly showing the GRS and other storms.13/01/2001. 12" f4 stopped down to f20 , and 2 x 0.1 sec exposures binned.
.Jupiter and Callisto on the left. Taken with a Philips toucam webcam , 490 shots stacked in Registax , an Intes Micro MN86 and a 4 x barlow lens stacked on top of a 2x barlow ( and it worked ! ) Data taken in 2012, reprocessed in 2014 with Registax 6
Jupiter has an orbital period of around 10 hours. This causes a huge equatorial bulge, and if you take a circular cut of the image you can clearly see this.
Jupiter , with Callisto on the left ( going behind ) and Ganymede on the right about to pass in front of Jupiter. Taken with a Philips toucam webcam , the best 940 shots out of 1100 stacked in Registax,an Intes Micro MN86 and a 4 x barlow lens.