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Saturn is a beautiful unique planet , wonderful to image & a pleasure just to view. Here are some of my images of saturn so far.

A description of the rings and their divisions.

Image: NASA and the Hubble Heritage Team/Emily Lakdawalla

CCD Photography

10 10"f10 meade @f20 . Another webcam shot taken on the 8th of feb. Using 189 of 638 frames stacked & aligned in Registax. On the last three shots the "black drop" effect is visible.
mn86@f30 MN86 @f30 .Early evening shot .1014 subframe out of 1544 - seeing good. 21/03/06
mn86@f30 MN86 @f30 .Another early evening shot.216 out of 1566 - seeing fair. 18/04/07