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Bubble Nebula

Bubble Nebula
R.A.23h 20m 54.145s
Dec.+61° 13' 51.26"
Apparent Size15.0' x 8.0'"
Expansion Velocity-
Distance7100 ly
Locationwithin Milky Way
Other IDsNGC 7635


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Scope Intes Micro mn-86
Mount EQ6 skyscan guided with ed80 & sxv-guidecam via AA3
Exposure115 x 2 min guided
Post-processingAA3,median, star bloat, cropped and colourised in psp 7, no dark frame or flat
FiltersAstronomik 653 nm Ha Filter 13nm bandpass
Location Claines
Date12-14th July 2006

Recorded over 3 nights, this is the first object taken with reliable tracking. Approximately 10 ly across, the Bubble appears to be the consequence of the huge 8th magnitude hot 06.5III star throwing off its outer layers.