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My Gallery

a tree! (9K) One of the first fractal trees made from a PASCAL program I wrote. I find Pascal is much easier to create complex objects & then pass them into an include file than povray itself.
A cog (10k) An early cog..this animates nicely
 An engine (11k) This is a nacelle (engine) I made for a spaceship that myself, Dean, and Gareth put together. The halo also animates very nicely.
A universe (47k) For some reason I haven't figured out I wanted to create a universe maker, taking the output from a telescope and a sandhopper and make a universe in a marble. This is version 2 which will be changed soon.
 nebula and comet (zipped 245K) A mostly halo'ed picture using Orb to create the asteroid and the most excellent Lens Flare add-on for POV (see links). Halos are fun!
 My kitchen!(190k) My kitchen with its motifications...useful to see what units look good where. Use of Moray and fog. It did end up looking like this too!