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Barnard 33, or the Horsehead Nebula

The Horsehead Nebula is located ~1500 light years away in the constellation of Orion, is a dark cloud of gas and dust, and sits in front of the bright nebula IC 434.

Horsehead Nebula
R.A.5h 40m 59.0s
Dec.-02° 27' 30.0"
Apparent Size8 x 6 arcminutes
Expansion Velocity0.19 km/s
Distance0.45 kpc
Locationwithin Milky Way
Other IDsBarnard 33

horsehead nebula

Scope 5" Intes Micro mn56
Mount iOptron CEM25p unguided
Exposure61 mins data , combination of 61 & 60 sec
Post-processingAA7,DDP & curves, gentle unsharp masking
Location Worcester, UK
Date2nd Feb 2019

Test image using new mount. PEC correction not fully working (user error I suspect), next attempt will be guided.