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M101 The Pinwheel Galaxy

M101 is a large face on multiple spiral barred galaxy in Ursa Major ( The Plough ) .

M101 / Galaxy, type SB M
R.A.14h 03m 26.437s (2000.0)
Dec.+54° 19' 22.76" (2000.0)
Apparent Size28.5 x 28.3''
Radial Velocity241 km/s
Distance20-26 million light years
Group of Galaxiesm101 group
Other IDsUGC8981, NGC 5457,PGC50063
UGC 6937,MCG 9-23-28

PinWheel Galaxy.jpg

Scope 135mm Canon Lens
Mount Vixen GP-DX unguided
Exposure80 mins total , 80 x 1 min unguided.
Post-processingAA3, Dark framed,gradient removed.
CameraStarlight Express hx516
Location Claines Top Observatory
Date11th April 2005

First attempt at using a standard canon SLR lens attached to my hx516. The Astrovid adaptor had to be lathed down such that the focal point could be reached. Very happy with this shot & will be able to image M31 , M33 , M42 , the virgo cluster & others in one shot.
I had to 1/2 close the shutter manually, as too much light caused the stars to seriously pinch on one side.
No sharpening or any post processing on this image. Weather cool , no moon, seeing average until the clouds rolled in.

The negative image shows a few local fainter galaxies in the M101 group.

PinWheel Galaxy.jpg

PinWheel Galaxy.jpg

Scope 8" Intes Micro MN-86 with 0.5 Focal reducer
Mount EQ6 unguided
Exposure33 mins total , 100 x 20 sec
Post-processingAA3, Dark framed,gradient removed, gentle DDP
CameraStarlight Express hx516 with ICX424AL chip
Location Claines
Date11th July 2005
This was one of the calibration shots used in first light with the new MN-86. Poor polar alignment capability on the EQ6 ( no RA markings and skyscan still in the post ) resulted in only being able to take 20 sec subframes , and then the clouds rolled in, so the stacking does include frames I would not normally use.