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Elliptical galaxy, Messier M110

R.A.0h 41m 41.141s (2000.0)
Dec.41deg; 42' 56.65" (2000.0)
Apparent Size19.5' x 11.5'
Radial Velocity-239.0km/s
Distance 2.9 million ly
Group of GalaxiesAndromeda
Other IDsNGC 205,PGC 2429
UGC 426,MCG 7-2-14

The last of the Messier objects and often overlooked by its large neigbour m31, M110 is a large elliptical galaxy in the Andromeda group, interacting with M31 itself.
This is another calibration shot of the MN86, but surprise surprise I have managed to catch dust detail in the core.

M110 near the Andromeda Galaxy

Scope 8" MN-86 Intes Micro
Mount EQ6 unguided
Exposure49 mins, 148 x 20 sec subframes
Post-processingAA3, Dark framed,gradient removed, mild unsharp masking in AA3.
FiltersTT IR
CameraStarlight Express hx516 with ICX424AL chip<
Location Claines Top Observatory
Date4th August 2005