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M57 and surrounding star field

The Ring Nebula is quite fun to image, so there will be a few on this page. Very close to M57 is IC1296 - a lovely spiral galaxy - 200,000,000 light years further away ( and also roughly the same image size, so it has to be roughly 200,000,000 times larger ! )

M57 Ring type nebulae
R.A.18h 53m 45.0s
Dec.+33° 02' 6.73"
Apparent Size76"
Expansion Velocity26.50 km/s
Distance0.33 kpc
Locationwithin Milky Way
Other IDsNGC 6720
PK 63 +13 1, PN G063.1+13.9


Scope 5" Intes Micro mn56
Mount EQ6 skyscan guided with sxv guidehead on ed80
Exposure32 mins data , combination of 60 & 120 sec
Post-processingAA4,DDP & gradient removed, cropped in PSP7
Location Claines Top Observatory
Date7th October 2006

Happy with this image and can see definate structure in the ring & if you know where to look IC1296 is visible. The central star in m57 has a magnitude of +15.9 & spectral type O(H).