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M65 is located in Leo, also known as one of the Leo Trio along with M66 and NGC 3628.

M65 / Galaxy, type SB M
R.A.11h 19m 12.473s (2000.0)
Dec.+13° 03' 50.42" (2000.0)
Apparent Size9.0' x 2.3''
Radial Velocity807 km/s
Distance30-35 million light years
Group of Galaxiesm66 or Leo Triplett group
Other IDsUGC8981, NGC 3623,PGC34612
UGC 6328,MCG 2-29-18


Scope Intes Micro mn-56
Mount Vixen GP-DX unguided
Exposure82.5 mins total , 110 x 45 secunguided.
Post-processingAA3, Dark framed,gradient removed.
CameraStarlight Express hx516
Location Claines Top Observatory
Date11th April 2005