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M81 - Bode's Nebula.

Situated in Ursa Major. M81 is actually a large spiral galaxy and not a nebula as first documented by Bode in 1774.

M81 Bode's Nebula type Sb
R.A.09h 56m 0.460s (2000.0)
Dec.+69° 02' 24.95" (2000.0)
Apparent Size24.9' x 11.5'
Radial Velocity-37 km/s
Distance12 Million ly
Group of GalaxiesM81 Group
Other IDsM81 Bode's Nebula
NGC 3031 PGC28630
UGC5318 MGC 12-10-10

Scope 5" mn-56 Matsukov Newtonian
Mount EQ6 guided with sxv guidehead
Exposure261 x 120 sec
Post-processingstacked, ddp, unsharp masking, 8 iterations of maximum entropy, gradientXterminated and layered in PS.
FiltersIR, R,G,B
Location Claines
Date3 sittings, 16th Nov 2006 good viewing, 14th Jan 2007 average viewing,22nd Jan 2007 good viewing.RGB added 45 x 120 sec per channel