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NGC 281

Bright Nebula ngc 281 and cluster IS1590
R.A.00h 53m 13.240s
Dec.+56° 38' 16.59"
Apparent Size35' x 30''"
Mean Radial Velocity-
Distance5500-10000 ly
Other IDs -


Scope 8" mn-86
Mount EQ6 skyscan
Exposure168 x 120 sec guided
Post-processingStacked, mild ddp & hot pixeled in AA4, curves in PS9CS2
FiltersAstronomik 653 nm Ha Filter 13nm bandpass
Location Claines Top Observatory
Date14th September 2006

The core of ngc 281,a HII ionised region of space, is shown here with some wonderful dust clouds and pillars. The central star cluster is a part of IC1590 , situated some 2940 pc away and comprises of at least one double star ( HIP 4121 ) which appears to be resolved in the bright cluster in the centre of the image.