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NGC 6946

NGC 6946 Spiral Galaxy
R.A.20h 34m 58.922s
Dec.+60° 10' 6.31"
Apparent Size11.2' x 9.8''"
Mean Radial Velocity50.0 km/s
Distance15 million ly
Other IDs PGC 65001, UGC 11597
MCG 10-29-6


Scope 8" Intes Micro MN-86
Mount EQ6 skyscan,guided with sxv guidehead
ExposureL:RGB 78 x 120 sec ,22 x 120sec,26 x 120 sec,18 x 120sec , RGB binned@2x2
Post-processingAA4 and Russell Cromans GradientXTerminator
FiltersIR,, RGB
CameraStarlight Express sxv-h9
Location Claines Top Observatory
Date24th July and 29th August 2006, RGB on 3rd Sept.2006

A wonderful full on faint galaxy in Cepheus. First proper RGB image, limited in RGB exposure due to clouds. Used RCs most excellent GradientXTerminator on the raw RGB images. Then aligned and RGB merged in AA4.