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NGC 7814

ngc 7814 Spiral Galaxy
R.A.00h 03m 33.005s
Dec.+16° 10' 39.73"
Apparent Size4.7' x 2.4''"
Mean Radial Velocity1054.0 km/s
Other IDs PGC 218, UGC 8
MCG 3-1-20


Scope 5" mn-56 with 0.5 focal reducer
Mount EQ6
Exposure30 x 30 sec unguided
Post-processingStacked , d.framed, mild ddp in AA3
CameraStarlight Express hx516 with ICX424AL chip
Location Vendémain, Southern France
Date15th August 2005

A small galaxy in Pegasus with clear dark dust lanes in its centre. Other fainter galaxies also visible. Not enough sub-frames taken on these objects. More imaging required!


Additional uncharted galaxy visible in centre left of main image, Ra 00h 04m 18.942s dec +16° 03'07.58" , photometry in AA3 gives mag of +18.25