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Polaris Binary
R.A.02h 31m 47.075s
Dec.+89° 15' 50.90"
Mean Radial Velocity-17.4 km/s
Distance132.27 pc
Locationwithin Milky Way
Other IDsHIP 11767 , alf UMI, BSC 424,FK 907
Element 1Pop II Cepheid Variable supergiant, Spectral type F7 and B,mag +2
Element 2Main sequence star , Spectral type F3 V, mag +9
Orbital Period3000 years


Scope 5" mn-56
Mount Vixen GP-DX unguided
Exposure21 x 1 min unguided
Post-processingStacked in AA3
CameraStarlight Express hx516
Location Claines
Date8th April 2005

The Polaris binary consists of a magnitude +2.71 cepheid variable supergiant , itself with a pulsating period of 3.99 days , and a main sequence magnitude +9 star , with an orbital period of 3000+ years. It is calculated that there is a third star about 5AU away from Polaris A which has an orbital period of 30.5 years, but this cannot be seen directly.

This image was taken whilst fine tuning the GP-DX mount, and managed to catch the secondary star ( unintentionally ) .

A deliberate colour image will follow shortly !